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Where Does All the Water Go?
By Karen Kun – Waterlution

Canadians are some of the biggest water users on the planet (second only to Americans). On average, we each use approximately 350 litres of water per day. Is it fair that we use so much more than others? The reality is this over-consumption can’t continue if we’re to avoid a water crisis.

Over Consumption

There are many reasons why Canadians use so much water, like taking lengthy showers, over-watering lawns, letting the taps run while we walk around the kitchen and 13 litre toilets (which have been banned across the US). Yet household consumption only accounts for a portion of Canada’s water use (approximately 11%).

Water intensive industries such as agriculture, thermal power generation (nuclear and coal) and manufacturing cooling systems are our largest water users. This needs to change, but the little changes you can make at home can make a big difference too. On average, we use more than twice the water people in Europe use. How do Europeans do it? By making an everyday effort to conserve water and by making water conservation an ingrained part of their lifestyle.

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